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West 4 Tattoo provides professional, top-quality tattoos and piercings. Our team of resident artists and piercers showcase a vast range of styles and techniques. We believe in offering our customers an enjoyable experience, provided in a safe and comfortable environment.

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About Our NYC Fine Line Tattoo Shop

We are an industry-leading tattoo shop located in New York City, New York. All of our artists are certified professionals trained by upper management to provide not only the best tattoo from an artistic perspective, but also maintain our rigid safety standards. We uphold our shop and our artists to the highest standards in safety, including training on-site on how to best use the equipment in our shop, and also inform and educate our clients and customers so they utilize proper tattoo safety procedures at home after their visit with our shop. Our results speak for themselves and our ever-growing reputation in New York City, NY is evidence of our expertise and commitment to safety.

We are a multicultural tattoo shop and look forward to servicing you with our unique blend of fashion, style, and expertise. Come stop by or call today to book an appointment with a member of our staff. We can walk you through choosing the right tattoo, where on the body to place it, and answer questions about proper tattoo care after you leave our shop. Feel free to flip through our catalogs, magazines, or check out our website for more information and tattoo ideas. If you already have the tattoo of your dreams in mind, then please plan on being able to share that design with one of our artists on the day of your appointment. We look forward to serving you. See you soon!

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Our Artists

Not all tattoo artists in New York are worth waiting for. At West 4 Tattoo, we are lucky to have some of the most skilled tattoo artists in not only the city, but the entire country. Our artists specialize in various subfields of tattoo artistry. Our studio is open seven days a week with multiple tattoo artists that can service any of your tattoo needs. Whether you want something simple, classic Americana, new school, Japanese, black and grey, portraiture, or just something different, our artists are more than happy to make your idea a reality.

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Frequently Asked Tattoo Questions


    Fine line tattooing is a style of tattooing using one or more small needles to create a thin, intricate, and accurate tattoo design. These designs are minimalist in nature, but don't have to be. The use of the smaller needles allows for finer artwork to be brought to life using more delicate techniques. Although most are done with black ink, various colors can be utilized in your tattoo to capture the design of your choice.


    Yes, fine line tattoos as well as all other tattoo styles can fade over time. If you experience any fading or blurring of any of your tattoos, one of our artists can repair or revitalize the tattoo back to its initial vibrancy. See store for more details.


    First and foremost, choose a tattoo artist with the skill and experience to get the job done right the first time. Second, care for your new tattoo. This includes being careful to let your new tattoo fully heal. Avoiding sun exposure can increase the time before a touch-up is needed. Finally, a good rule of thumb is to plan on coming back 12-24 months after your initial tattoo to get it touched up. Speak to an artist for a full list of dos and don'ts regarding your new tattoo, but following our steps can help your tattoo last years or even a decade or more before needing a touch up. See store for more details.


    Yes, as with all tattoo styles, there is a degree of pain associated with fine line tattoos. This is lessened or exacerbated based on several factors including (1) the part of the body receiving the tattoo. Some places on the body are simply more sensitive than others due to a variety of reasons. (2) People are sensitive to pain at various thresholds and have a varying degree of pain they are able to tolerate. When it comes to fine line tattoos, our needles are smaller than traditional tattoo needles and our customers boast that they hurt less than their tattoo counterpart.

  • What is the difference between FINE LINE TATTOOS VS. TRADITIONAL TATTOOS

    Fine line tattoos use single round liner needles (also known as 1RL) or three-round linear needles (also known as 3RL). Both of these needle types utilize less ink and are smaller than traditional needles. 1RL and 3RL tattoos are often reported to be less painful than traditional tattoos as well. Fine line tattoos offer the artist and subject more creative control over the tattoo by giving the artist an opportunity to create smaller needle pokes.

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Our Testimonials

Check out our the below reviews that come directly from Google!

Logan Fonken
Jun 21, 2024

Extremely happy with west 4 and specifically Paul and Chris. There was a scheduling mishap for my fiancé and I so they actually kept the store open way past their hours to accommodate us only being in the city for a short period of time. Chris was extremely patient and helpful when it came to placing the tattoos and getting them just right since they were our first tattoos. Especially considering he was leaving on a trip right after tattooing us! Could not recommend Chris and west 4 more! Chris was extremely clean and the tattoos were virtually painless. He also made sure we thoroughly understood how to care for the tattoos once we left. The tattoos have also healed very clean and clear for fine line tattoos.

May 15, 2024

West 4 Tattoo had been recommended to me several times in the past, and a few weeks ago I just wanted a new tattoo so I stopped in. The shop is very clean and everyone was helpful and professional. I was given a rundown of the shop as well as what to expect in terms of price. I think it's important to know that West 4 Tattoo is on the pricier side when it comes to tattoos, and that price is certainly reflected in the skill of their artists. I did a walk in and my artist was Nick. He sat me down and we went over what I wanted. I showed him reference pictures and he asked questions as we started to pieces together the design. He was professional and listened to exactly what I envisioned. The final design was beautiful. While actually tattooing my arm, Nick was careful and meticulous. He took his time and paid great attention to the details of my tattoo. Also, maybe this is normal for fine line tattoos, but I felt no pain at all during the process. I think I even dozed off for a bit. I think the process took about two hours and my final tattoo is absolutely stunning! It looks like a photograph. I love it so much. Overall, I'm very happy that I went to Nick at West 4 Tattoo. He's clearly incredibly talented. I'm definitely coming back for more tattoos in the future.

Andreea R
May 11, 2024

We had a great experience and we love our tattoos so much. Chris was wonderful and did an amazing job. We will definitely be back for more tattoos!

Nicole Reiner
Mar 31, 2024

My horse tattoo was done by Nick 6 years ago and when I decided to get another recently, I decided to go more fine-line with Chris! Neither have disappointed. I remember my first experience was comforting and clean. This one was the exact same - quick and painless. Chris was super friendly and helpful in guiding me through the perfect placement and inking process. He answered all of my questions and told me to reach out when it heals, which just shows he genuinely cares about the art he does. Will be coming back if I ever decide to get another tat!

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